Hans Sigmund

1687 - 1744/5

At one time I thought Hans Sigmund was the eldest son of Weigant.  It seems that I was wrong about that (please check out the Weigant Darr page) - and now I wonder about the rest of this information.  However, since I have not yet disproved it, I will let it stand for now.

Hans Sigmund was born 4 Oct 1687. He stayed in Germany, but lived in Bavaria (both Wuerttemburg and Bavaria are in the south of Germany) - died 7 March 1744/5. He married Margaretha Hachel and they had seven children. Apparently all of the children emigrated to America, settling in Pennsylvania mostly, with one (Valentine) moving on to North Carolina. One of those children was Melchior (at least three of whose sons moved on to North Carolina). Another of them was Jacob, father of Christian.  

Here are the children of Hans Sigmund and Margaretha:
     Jacob Derr, b aft. 1720.
             m Maria Barbara Schlagel November 20, 1745 in New Hanover Lutheran Church
               New Hanover Twp, Montgomery, PA. - 7 children
     Melchior Darr, b 1721 in Europe; d October 10, 1810 in Lynn, Northampton. PA
            m ( 1) Maria Unknown.
                (2) Anna Barbara Kurtz Hilbert November 20, 1745 in New Hanover Lutheran Church
                    New Hanover Twp, Montgomery, PA. She was born 1722, and died 1773. - 8 children
      Andreas Derr, b aft 1725.
            m Magdalena Rieger 6 April 1755 in New HanoverLutheran Church
                   New Hanover, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.
      Rosina Barbara Derr, b 28 November 1727 in Uengerhausen, Bavaria, Germany
                     d in Weisenberg Twp, Northhampton, PA
             m Sebastian Werlein in Germany. He was b bef. 1730 in Germany.
      Valentine Derr, born 30 May 1730 in Uengerhausen, Bavaria, Germany
                     d 1793 in Rowan County, North Carolina.
              m Anna Maria Unknown - 2 children
      Johannes Derr, born 11 January 1734/35
                    d aft. 1813 in Weisenberg Twp, Lehigh, PA (Lehigh formed from Northhampton in 1812)
             m Margaretha Unknown - 6 children
      Lorenz Derr, born ~1746 in Uengerhausen, Bavaria, Germany
                    d aft 1772 Weisenberg Twp, Northhampton, PA (but this might be a different Lorenz)

Hans Sigmund and John Martin both had sons named Jacob and Lorenz, which has caused some confusion.

Robert Lewis makes Jacob the son of John Martin, born 1723, and says he was left behind in Germany when JM emigrated in 1725. Robert thinks he is probably the Jacob Dur (under 16) who arrived 9 Sep 1738 in the ship "Two Sisters".  He also thinks the marriage to Maria Barbara was a second marriage since son Christian was b. 1744.  I am not sure I agree with  him, for the following reasons:
         He was married in the same church, on the same day as Hans’s son Melchior.
         Both Jacob and Lorentz were supposedly born on Candlemas - one in 1718, one in 1723 - which seems a bit of a coincidence.
        He was supposedly left behind in Germany when John Martin emigrated, and then came over by himself. A likely story?* On the other hand, Hans S. never emigrated, so his sons would have had to make their own way(s).
        He is not listed in a deed of 1763, which mentions all the heirs of John Martin
        He is listed as "died" in the Family Register for Johan Martin in the Old Goshenhoppen church records.
* As it turns out, this is not competely unlikely - the church record in Grossgartach mentions one child as "the left behind daughter of . . ." [Burgert, Annette K, Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, to Pennsylvania: Some Early Colonial German Immigrants (Myerstown, PA: AKB Publications, 1999), p. 4]

Some say Lorenz (s/o Hans S.) was b ~1720, while Laurentius (s/o Joh. Martin) was b. 1723. Bill Derr, in a message on the Derr GenForum site, says that Lorenz - he doesn’t name his father, but says two of his brothers were Johannes and Melchior (which makes him s/o Hans S.) was born ~1746, right about the time his father died. That certainly makes it easier to keep them separate. I am, for no very good reason, going to assume that Bill Derr is correct and that the young Lorentz was the son of Hans S and emigrated in 1764 with his brother and cousin?.
        Laurentius s/o Johan Martin, definitely emigrated with his parents in 1725. (There is a third Lorenz who emigrated in 1752 - I don’t know who he is.)
         Another confusion arises with the wife of Laurentius/Lorenz. Maria Engle has been assigned to both of them. However, there is a deed (1763)  which lists Lorentz and Maria Engle his wife as the heirs of Martin, so that would seem to settle that.

The children of Hans Sigmund's supposed sons (the children listed for Lorenz are actually John Martin's grandchildren):

Jacob Melchior Andreas Valentine Johannes Lorenz
Christian 1744 Margareth Barbara 1746/7 John Jacob 1765 Maria Susanna 1767 Johannes 1767 John Martin 1760
[Michael (Johan Michael) 1745] John Henry 1748/8   Rosina Barbara 1770 Lorenz 1769 Sarah 1762
Maria Barbara 1747 Anna Maria 1750     Anna Maria 1770 Johan Adam ~1765
John 1753 Melchior II 1752     Johan Nicholas 1772 Johannes 1771
Heinrich (Johan Heinrich) 1757 George 1754     Anna Maria 1776  
[Margaretha 1761] Catherine 1760     Jacob 1778  
Margaretha Barbara 1763 Barbara 1763        
  unnamed son bef 1773        

Robert Lewis says about Jacob's children that Margaretha b. 1761 is probably a misreading of an Elisabetha b. 1751, AND that Michael [Johan Michael] was the not Jacob's son but rather the son of Michael and Maria Margaretha Durr.  He cites Humphrey's Pennsylvania Births.   I have not looked into this myself, but Robert appears to be a careful researcher (even though I disagree with him about Jacob's father), so I see no reason to doubt him.

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