Stevensons in Augusta County, Virginia

I have been trying to discover who the parents of Susanna Stevenson were. She was born in about 1750 (based on the date of her husband’s birth) and married for the first time in about 1768/9. After her first husband, Samuel Lusk, died (1792), she was married again, to Thomas Godfrey, and they moved further west, to Tazewell County. The received wisdom is that she was born in Augusta County, Virginia, so I have been looking at the Stevensons who were there in the early days, to see if there is a good match. So far, I have more puzzles than solutions.

12 Feb 2011 - I am working on updating this site, thanks to some major help from Mike Taylor, but not all the pages have been redone, so bear with me. 28 Feb 2011 - I got bogged down in the John Stevensons again, and I might not get back to him/them before next fall - sorry - the garden comes first!

Mike Taylor has separated the Stevensons into three clans:

Clan 1) - In what is now present day Rockingham Co. VA. Supposed brothers David, William, Robert, Thomas, and John. I think I descend from John (or maybe Thomas, or maybe Robert). David, William, Thomas, and Robert were in the vicinity of the Old Augusta Stone Church. John was about 3 miles SE of Harrisonburg. He called his place Meadow View. David went to York Co. SC about 1763.[Actually David probably went to North Carolina first.]

Clan 2) - George, John, and Andrew Stephenson were down in Bordens Grant about 10 miles NE of Lexington.

Clan 3) - John and Martha (Warwick) Stevenson. They were west of the SW corner of Borden's Grant. Up Kerr's Creek and maybe even as far west as in the 'Pastures'.

This makes it slightly easier to untangle them. Any confusions that remain are my own fault!

Helpful websites:

Chalkley’s Chronicles, a valuable resource for those of us with Scots-Irish ancestors in the Valley, is available online. Another marvelous site I found just recently is Early Settlers of Old Augusta - it has some pages on various Stevensons and I really need to go through it more carefully. I also always search the Genforum sites for whatever family I'm working on.

For general background information, the totally wonderful site by Leo McDowell can't be beat.  John McDowell was the surveyor for Benjamin Borden, and I believe some of these Stevensons lived near where McDowell settled, on Timber Ridge.  But even with no connections, his site is well worth a visit - he makes you feel something of what it must have been like in those times - and he has loads of interesting characters to tell stories about.

There are some nice maps, of parts of Augusta County
      The Beverly Manor and Borden Grant Map
      This is a larger map of Beverly Manor, and comes in four pages: North East, North West, South East, South West
      The Borden Grant

And while I am mentioning generally helpful and interesting sites, there is a nice short biography of Benjamin Borden online.  Benj. Borden bio.   And another one here. Another short Borden bio.


The earliest mention of a Stevenson in Chalkley is John, who got a patent in 1741. (Chalkley does not include that patent; it is mentioned later, when the property changes hands.) Other early Stevensons were: David (first mentioned in 1744), Thomas (1746) (he came from Pennsylvania), William (1747), Andrew, George, Robert and Silas (all first mentioned in 1748) and James (1749). In most cases, there seems to be more than one person of a given name, and it is not easy separating them out.  Be prepared to reconsider ALL conclusions I have made.

There is one other thing - not only is Stevenson sometimes spelled Stephenson, it is also sometimes just Stephens or Stevens - or even STINSON.  At times it is obvious that the person referred to is one of our Stevensons, but others I am not so sure of.  I have included them in the lists anyway, just to be safe.

Adam - mentioned in Chalkley 1757-1789 (with legal cases after his death).  A second possible Adam d. 1760.
At one time he was suggested as the father of Susanna, but he actually seems like one of the least likely prospects - neither his will, nor the law suits afterwards, mention Susanna

Andrew - mentioned in Chalkley 1748-1766  Possible parent of Susanna? witness along with Hugh Lusk, who is our best guess for father of Samuel, Susanna's future husband. - Clan 2

David - mentioned in Chalkley 1744-1815 - but there are at least two of them, both members of Clan 1. Probably neither is the father of Susanna - the first mentions his daughters by name in his will, the second appears to have died childless (unless he disinherited all his children!)
     David I, probable brother of John, William, Thomas and Robert - married to Annos/Agnes - moved to SC in about 1764.
     David II, son of William, probable nephew of David I - married Mary Davis - was a Major in the Rev.

George - mentioned in Chalkley 1748-1763, with a much later entry (lawsuit) in 1796 - possibly a younger George. Possible parent of Susanna? Not as strong a candidate as Andrew perhaps, or John? - Clan 2

James - mentioned in  Chalkley 1749-1819 (law suits) - but there are obviously several Jameses meant.  I haven't done too well separating them out, and a couple are possible as parent of Susanna, but with nothing additional (like a specific juxtapostion with a Lusk) to make any James a strong candidate.

John - mentioned in Chalkley 1741-1794, with later lawsuits.  There are at least 8 different Johns, so please excuse me if I am too boggled to separate them.  ONE lived near John/Hans Bomgardner, for whom Thomas Godfrey worked, so he is a good candidate for father of Susanna.  Another, possibly the same one?, had close connections with Andrew Stevenson, who was mentioned along with Hugh Lusk, so there is another good possibility. - Clans 1, 2 AND 3

Robert - mentioned in  Chalkley 1748-will 1772; another one later
    Robert I, possible brother of John, William, Thomas and David. Probably married twice - 2nd wife Martha Rankin, widow of George. A possible father of our Susannah - his will does mention "living daughters."
    Robert II - unknown - possibly a son of Rev. James Stevenson of Spottsylvania Co.
    Robert Stephens - probably really a Stephens and not a Stevenson.  

Thomas - mentioned in Chalkley 1745-1790, with later lawsuits. There are obviously several Thomases meant.  One actually has a daughter named Susanna - but she married John Cook (sigh). Nothing in particular to connect the others to our Susanna. - Clan 1
    Thomas I - probable brother to William, Robert, David, John - came to Augusta 1740 with (daughter?) Rachel - married in Augusta? Jane or Jean - lived near Old Stone Church
    Thomas II - son of David, married Mary, moved to SC ~1763
    Thomas III - son of John (probably), married Betsey Logan - Peaked Mt. Church - ?moved to Kentucky ~1780
    Thomas IV - son of Robert - married Elizabeth
    Thomas V - d 1790 (possibly son of Robert???) - three daughters
    Thomas VI - of Amherst Co, VA
    Unsorted Thomases - If I had a better map - or a better grasp of the geography - I could maybe sort some of them out.

William - mentioned in Chalkley 1747-1803, with a final mention in an 1816 will as deceased.  There are obviously several Williams here, and once again, I haven't done well separating them out. The earliest leaves a will which does not mention Susanna, and some of the later ones seem probably too young - so there is nothing really to make any William a strong candidate. - Clan 1
     William 1 - brother of John, Thomas, David, Robert (probably) - emigrated 1735 - married Sarah LNU ~1740
children Adam, William, David, Elizabeth, James, John, Matthew, Sarah
     William II - son of David (nephew of William 1)- bp 1740 but born earlier (listed with father on importation order of 1735) - moved to SC in about 1764 (possibly to NC or TN first) served in Rev War (SC Militia, York Co) - taken prisoner by the British. Married Unknown, children James, David, Mary (Lee)
     William III - s/o William 1 - b 1742 - m Alice Todd Houston - moved to TN - children Matthew, Elizabeth, John
brothers Adam, David, James, John, Matthew - sisters Elizabeth, Sarah
     William IV - s/o Adam, gs/o William I - married Sarah Forsyte - siblings: Ann, Sarah, James, Rebecca
     Unknown Williams - husband of Jane (Campbell) / husband of Ann Morgan

Random Stevensons - either mentioned late, or mentioned only once, with little to identify them.

And then there is this:

1760 Oct 16
      Same (ie Maurice Poutz (signed Pound), of Fairfax) to Henry Pirgy, £154, 360 acres, part of Jacob Steven's great tract, formerly conveyed to Christopher Francisco, the elder, and by Stophel Francisco, his attorney in fact, to Maurice Pound, 2d July, 1752, on north side Shenandore; John Stevenson's meadow; cor. Ludwick Francisco. Delivered: Jacob Pirkey, February, 1767.
(Deed Book 9 - 9)

Who is this guy? - 17 May 2011 - According to Mike Taylor, this is a misprint - it is actually Jacob STOVER'S great tract.

And that’s it. Any help would be greatly welcome!

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