James Stevenson

I. The earliest mention in Chalkley is in 1749 - but it is of his line, in Beverly Manor, in Calfpasture. Neighbor Samuel Gay, teste. John Alexander.
           Since it is his line mentioned, presumably he was there earlier.
           Alexander is on the map, in the north central part of the Beverly land, near Beaver Run. Hutchinson, Wright, Johnston and Gillespie are nearby.
           However, there is a river called Cowpasture (not Calf) one valley to the west - but it isn’t on the Beverly Map.  Actually there is first a Calfpasture River, then a Cowpasture River - this is why I am ordering maps, because my brain can't take this all in.
           1752 - he was to help make a road.
           1755 - James S. and John Ward were in Captain Lockridge’s company.
                      In August, James testified to William Gay’s will.
           But in 1755 James was delinquent - not found.
           1760 died ?
                 Martha and John S. were adminstrators of James S, so I assume that means he died. I would also tend to think that Martha was his widow and John either his brother or son.

II. In 1763, James S sold 200 a on Little Calf Pasture to Robert Fletcher and someone else. Possibly a son of the first James?
      In 1769 James was witness to a sale of 93 acres on Cow (not Calf) Pasture (Joseph to Thomas McClung)

III. Son of William Stevenson (d. 1757) and Sarah
        He may have been a legal infant at the time of William’s death. (Estimated birth date, therefore, after 1739 - with me assuming adulthood came at 18, which may be incorrect.)
        William lived a little south east of the first James. Possibly.
        He could possibly have been the Rev. James S. (See below)

IV. Son of Adam Stevenson and Rebecca
        He was legally an infant at the time of Adam’s death in 1789 or so. I don’t know what constitutes adult status, but I have been assuming ~18 (someone said it was 18 for females; it might have been younger for males?), which would mean that this James was b. after 1771 or so.

V. Other mentions - mostly James appears as a witness in connection with either the William Stevenson people or the Cowpasture people. There are other mentions, though, and they may refer to one of the above Jameses, but there is nothing to connect them with.
        In 1758 and 59, James S., pedlar, was listed in the Fee Books.
        In 1766, a James, on Mr. Pattons’s list, was twice charged
               The person I call William I was neighbor to Patton.
        In 1768 a James was vice Constable
        In 1797 a James was on the delinquent list - gone to Kentucky
        In 1801 a James was on the delinquent list - gone to Monroe
              William S, possible son of Adam, also was listed as gone to Monroe, in 1803
One James Stevenson married Hannah Longacre and had at least 2 daughters, Elizabeth Clayton (married 1798) and Hannah. This James was still around in 1798, 1802, 1807. (Court Case 1807)
        --- One James Stevenson seems to have been married to an Ann (possibly Morgan) (Court Case 1804, 1818) However an earlier case (1802) which seems to be concerned with the same propery, calls Ann Morgan the wife of William Stevenson.  I suspect that she was the wife of James - the plaintiff in the 1802 case had been absent for a long time and possibly forgot the exact names. ?
        ---One James Stevenson (Rev. James S, sr?) had heirs Sarah and John Woodville, Andrew, Robert, Carter L, Lewis, Nancy, Edmund and James Stevenson. (Court Case 1819)

Rev. James White Stephenson, D.D., buried Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Maury Co. Tenn. Revolutionary War Soldier.
b: Jan 1756 - 6 Jan 1832.
"b. Augusta Co., Va.; ordained, 1789; first pastor, Zion; pastor for 43 years."
Stephenson Genforum Message 3771 - Mary McLain Richardson - June 8, 2004
(A Robert and a James are in Tazewell Co 1815)

I’m afraid this is not very helpful, but there seems nothing to connect any of these Jameses with our Susanna Stevenson.

1749 Feb 27
        Same (ie Deed. Beverley to) to William Gay, of Calfpasture, 490 acres in Col. Beverley's part of Calfpasture. Little Calfpasture. Corner Samuel Gay. Corner James Stephenson; line of the patent. Teste: William Long, John Alexander, William Robinson (Deed Book 2 - 477)
1752 May 20
        In calf-pasture--Wm. Smith to be overseer with the following persons, viz: Wm. Elliott, Ro. McCutcheon, William Smith, William Ramsey, John Marke, Robert Foyle, Wm. Guy, James Stevenson, Rob. Gay, John Guy, Samuel Looney, Saml. Guy, John Hanley, John Smith, John McGuiney. Road from Wm. Guy's to Ro. McCutcheon's mill, and thence to Robert Campbell's. (CO Book 3 - 248)
        Samuel Hodge and John Carlile, in Captain Robert Bratton's Company. James Stevenson and John Ward, in Captain James Lockridge's Company.
        Delinquents: Dan'l Stevenson, not found; James Stevenson, not found
1755 May 9
        William Gay's will of the Calf Pasture- - Wife, Margaret; eldest son, John, the plantation George Campbell lives on, formerly held by James Stevenson; to son, Robert, plantation testator lives on; to daughter, Mary; to daughter, Agness. Executors, wife and brother John Gay. Teste: Wm. Elliot, Jno. Fulton, James Stevenson. Proved, 20th August, 1755, by all witnesses. Executors qualify, with sureties Wm. Eliot, Ro. Campbell. Robert Gay. (Will Book 2 - 113)
1757 Sept 24
        William Stephenson's will--Wife, Sarah; ratifies former gifts to children; sons, David and Mathew; daughter, Sarah. (John Davis to advise about division of land.) (Tract of land on the Gum Run Meadow.) To sons, Adam and John, what Arthur Trader owes testator. All children, viz: Adam, John, James, William, David, Elizabeth, Mathew, Sarah, probably all infants (girls under 18). John Davis to have the care, guardianship and tuition of children. Executors, wife Sarah and son Adam. Teste: Silas Hart, Henry Smith, Jno. McCoy. Proved, Kith May, 1759, by Hart and McCoy. Executors qualify, with Abraham Smith, Mathew Patton (Will Book 2 - 299)
        page 37, James Stevenson, pedler
        page 47, James Stevenson, pedler
1759 March 20
        Wm. McClung to Jno. McClung, ú10, 26 acres; corner Stephenson's land. Teste: James Wellch, Andrew Crop (Deed Book 8 - 75)
        I don’t know that the corner referred to here is James’s, but he does act as a witness for another McClung in 1769
1760 Jan 12
        Deed of apprenticeship--William Hays, son of Patrick Hays, binds himself to William Wilson, taylor, to be taught the said trade, service and occupation of a taylor for 18 years. Signed, Patrick Hays, William Wilson. Teste: James Stevenson, James Hughes, Wm Lusk. (Will Book 2 - 437)
1760 May 21
        Martha Stevenson and John Stevenson's bond as administrators of James Stevenson, with John Gay, James Gay, Wm. Elliott. (Will Book 2 - 381)
1760 Oct 9
        James Hamilton to Thomas and William Stevenson, ú14, household goods. Teste: David, James and Mary Stevenson. (Deed Book 10 - 190)
1762 Aug 22
David Frame to Margaret Frame, ú50, horses and other personal property. Teste: James Hamilton, James Stephenson, James Blear. (Deed Book 11 - 25)
1763 Feb 11
        Robert ( ) Fletcher and Christian ( ) to James Stevenson, ú50, 200 acres on Little Calf pasture, part of 460 acres conveyed by Beverley to John Hindman, 9th-10th April, 1745, and recorded in General Court, which descended to Robert and Christian as nephew and heir-at-law of Hindman; cor. James Stevenson. Teste: James Lockridge, Samuel Crockett, Edward Thompson. Delivered: Mr. Stevenson, 31st August, 1787 (Deed Book 11 - 123)
1763 March 20
        John Davis' bond (with James Stevenson, Jno. Buchanan) as guardian (chosen) to Jacob Scott, orphan of Jno. Scott. (Will Book 3 - 310)
        Mr. Patton's list: Jas. Stephenson, twice charged, one (Chalkley v. 2)
1767 Nov 17
        John Campbell and Elizabeth to John McCay, ú100, 130 acres, part of 320 acres patented to John and James McCay and afterwards conveyed by John McCay to John Campbell 19th August, 1766, on Mossey Creek, Ralestone's line. Teste: James Stevenson, James Campbell, Elizabeth McKnight. Delivered: Joseph Malcom, 14th November, 1772. (Deed Book 14 - 59)
1768 May 24
        Constable: John Gardner, vice James Stevenson. (CO Book 7 - 303)
1769 April 5
        Nicholas Havenor's will To wife Elizabeth, 1/3 of all estate whether in this Colony or any other, and his iron stove, executrix; to son Jacob, executor, land on South Fork, wagon and geers, 1/2 of cuper tools; to son Frederick, part of tract on South Forke on which testator lives, and a tract purchased of Robert Davis; to daughter Catren; to daughter (?). Teste: Mathew Patton, Robert Davis, James Stephenson. Proved, 20th June. 1769, by Patton and Davis. Executors qualify, with Robert Davis, Henry Stone. (Will Book 4 - 213)
1769 Aug 16
        Joseph McClung and Margaraet, of the Cowpasture, to Thomas McClung, planter, ú__, 93 acres on Cowpasture, John Moore's land, in possession of John Moore. Teste: James Crockett, James Stevenson, John Jameson. (Deed Book 16 - 8)
1770 March 28
        William Fowler vs James Stevenson.--Abates by death of plaintiff (CO Book 14 - 100)
      page 23, James Stinson, Pastures
1777 Aug 19
        Recorded. John Gay's appraisement by Robert Dunlap, James Stevenson, James Elliott. (Will Book 5 - 516)
      Delinquents and Supernumeraries, 1782; List of James Davis, D. S.
         Edmund Stephens, Botetourt; James Stephens, dead
1788 Dec 18
        The praisement of William Chestnut's estate, his deceased. Mary Saphiah, his wife, administered and had it praised. Dr. this 18th December, 1788, by James Stephenson, John Bird, Robert Robinsin (Will Book 7 - 155)
1791 Oct 19
        Nuncupative will of Dennis Burns who has for a considerable time had his residence and boord with John Bell- - To John Bell, all estate; he died 24th October, 1791. Teste: Edward Erwin, Rebeckah Stephenson, James Stephenson. Proved, 20th December, 1791, by the Stephensons. (Will Book 7 - 428)
       Insolvents and Delinquents, 1797:James Stephenson, to Kentucky (Chalkley v. 2)
1797 March 1
        Snapp vs. Stephenson--O. S. 28; N. S. 10--Rockingham. William, James and Rebekah (children and heirs), and Rebekah Stephenson (widow), heirs of Adam Stephenson, 1st March, 1797.
        Insolvents and Delinquents, 1801; Jas. Stephenson, to Monroe (Chalkley v. 2)
        Savage vs. Eyre--O. S. 206; N. S. r3-Answer filed 1804 Deed dated 23d June, 1800, by Richard Ridgway, Robert Eyre and Ann and James Stephenson. Mortgage conveys part of 1,000 acres patented to Morgan Morgan 12th November, 1"135, and conveyed by Morgan to Zackwell Morgan in 1761, and to Robert Rutherford in 1768, to James Seaton in 1769, to Robert Eyre in 1777. Recorded in Berkeley 24th June, 1800.
1804 Sep 27
        Margaret Vachub deposes, 27th September, 1804, about the time James Stevenson left this country (Chalkley v. 2, 76-85)
1807 Nov 28
        Joseph Watson vs. Longacre--O. S. 146; N. S. 50--Bill, 28th November, 1807.
        Orator is grandson of Joseph Watson of Shenandoah, who made will devising 300 acres to orator. Joseph, Sr's., children at time of will were: Orator's father, who died July, 1798; Elizabeth, who married Joseph Longacre; Hannah, who married James Stevenson; Margaret, who married William Evans (died 1787); Joseph became insane and his children denied the will and destroyed it. Joseph, Jr., (126) became of age 4th August, 1802. Bill to set up the will. Defendants are, viz: Elizabeth Longacre (husband being dead). James Stevenson and Hannah; John Stevenson; Wm. Evans, Sr.; Wm. Evans, Jr.; Joseph Evans; Samuel McFarlane and Elizabeth. Joseph Paigh and Dorothy; Michael McConnell and Hannah; Jane Evans; John Mowery and Margaret (said Wm., Jr., Joseph, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Hannah, Jane, Margaret being children and representatives of Margaret Evans, deceased); Michael Shull and Margaret; Jane; Rodah and Isaac Watson (children of John Watson, only son of Joseph; Jane, Rodah and Isaac being infants). Joseph Watson, Sr., was an Elder of Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Elizabeth Clayton, a daughter of James Stephenson, deposes in Winchester, 5th November, 1808: Her grandfather Joseph died August, 1798. She was married June, 1798. Hannah Stephenson, granddaughter of Joseph, deposes ditto. Christian Neiswander, aged 54, deposes in Strasburg, 19th November, 1807. (Chalkley v. 2, 122-131)
1816 March 5
        Mary Stephenson's will, widow of Major D. Stephenson--All slaves to be liberated and transported to some free State; all estate to be divided into two equal parts, one to David's relations and one to Mary's; 1st, to Adam Stephenson's (deceased) children, to James Stephenson's (deceased) family, to William Stephenson's (deceased) family (all three brothers to David), and to Elizabeth Herring (sister to David), and to Robert Shanklin (son to David's sister); 2d, to Catherine Gordon (Mary's sister), Mrs. Ruth Davis (Mary's sister), James Davis, Walter Davis; and the children of Robert Davis (all Mary's brothers). Executors, Charles A. Stuart. Proved, February Court, 1818. Executor qualifies (Will Book 12 - 307)
1818 Dec
        Dowell vs. Stephenson--O. S. 199; N. S. TO--Bill, Sth December, 1818.
        Orator, Major Dowell, says that in 1795 William Moore, James Ramsey, deceased, and orator formed partnership to locate 100,000 acres lying m now County of Cabell Deed dated 23d June, 1800, by Richard Ridgway, Robert Eyre and Ann and James Stephenson.  Mortgage conveys part of 1,000 acres patented to Morgan Morgan 12th November, 17xx, and conveyed by Morgan to Zackwell Morgan in 1761, and to Robert Rutherford in 1768, to James Seaton in 1769, to Robert Eyre in 1777. Recorded in Berkeley 24th June, 1800 (Chalkley v. 2, 76-85)
        Stribling vs. Ross--O. S. 220; N. S. 78--Bill, 1819. In 1809 Edmund Penn of Amherst made deed recorded in General Court.
        Question is whether a deed can be recorded in General Court that is not acknowledged before the General Court.
        Ded 22d April, 1809, by Edmund Penn and Jane, his wife, of Spottsylvania County to John Crump of same county, and James Ross, mortgage, 200 acres in Amherst called Glebe tract and 391 acres in Spottsylvania County called Hopewell, formerly belonging to Rev. James Stevenson, Sr. Acknowledged in Superior Court for Spottsylvania, 22d May, 1809, and ordered to be certified to General Court and recorded in General Court, 10th June, 1809. Deed 9th August, 1809, by Edmund Penn of Spottsylvania to Thomas H. Drew and John Fox of Richmond, mortgage, 900 acres in Amherst. Recorded in General Court, 13th November, 1809. Decree in Fredericksburg Chancery Court, 28th January, 1813, in cause, Ross vs. John Woodville and Andrew Stevenson, trustees of James Stevenson, Sr. Garrit Minor, administrator, c. t. a. of said James; John Woodville and Sarah; Andrew, Robert, Carter L., Lewis, Nancy, Edmund and James Stevenson, heirs of said James, deceased. (Chalkley v. 2, 170-9)

Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell . . .
Note: I was not looking for the Stevensons when I had the actual book in my hands. I photocopied many pages, and on some of them there are mentions of Stevensons as well as Lusks - which accounts for the spotty nature of the documentation.
Will Book 1
3 June 1815
(97) Robert Stephenson (will) shown to us by James Stephenson admin.
Appraisment 54.50

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